Guide | Annapurna Circuit


Fuzzy feelings abound on this gorgeous day in Nepal. You really have to see it to believe it, but I’m sure you know the feeling. I know I do. We left the village of Ghorepani at 5 AM—headlights on, fingertips numb, brains feeling a little like somebody left the door ajar. (And where is breakfast?) Our spiralling ascent quickly paid off: sunrise at a gentle simmer, beaming down on the misty & magnificent splendour of the Annapurna massif like the Annapurna South pictured here—and on Dhaulagiri, the “White Mountain”—and Machapuchare, revered by locals as sacred to the god Shiva.
Still, I’m in awe of how something so commonplace makes children of us (or photographers frantically trying to adjust their ISO). The sun, it bears no repeating, rises every day—the backdrop of our morning routine. Travelling begets leaving that behind. I think of adult naiveté as having the capability to appreciate the ephemerality of things that are special only because we make it so—then recognizing, sometimes under that umbrella of cynicism, the sheer mundanity of it. Simplicity very easily, genuinely, keeps me happy. It sticks. In my life and in travelling, that’s always been enough.



Do I need to be fit? Short answer: no.

Should I bring a sleeping bag? This has been an area of contention across the blogs I've read. In my experience, a liner is the best of both worlds. A sleeping bag takes up space in your pack - and the lighter the better. 

Mandy Shamnepal, guide